Why Use Us

Our transaction experience
All our business brokers have been in the listing and selling of businesses with a minimum 12 years of experience. Our experience, therefore, gives us the knowledge as well as the advantage in managing the needs, expectations, sensitivities and emotions of sellers. We are able to read reasonably well the inner thoughts of sellers and buyers, allowing us to achieve the best possible outcome for both parties.


Our honest and fair approach
Our business appraisal is based on an honest and fair approach. We do not believe in overvaluing the worth of your business, or necessarily agreeing to your market expectation just to get the right to sell your business, as it will only bounce back to affect our credibility if we fail to deliver.
We believe the price that really matters is what the market thinks it is worth. Our approach is, therefore, straightforward and concise. The sale price must be broadly in line with market expectations.
We take great care in advising the seller on how to prepare and present paperwork as transparently as possible to potential buyers. Ultimately, the buyer will only contemplate an offer with confidence once they are comfortable with what has been presented.


Our constructive advice
Our intimate knowledge of small to medium sized businesses gives us a good understanding of the common KPIs on the costing of goods, rent, wages and other utilities that most operators work on specific to the respective industry. Often we are able to advise sellers, what they must rectify in their businesses to make them marketable.


Our network of migration agents
Our pool of buyers do not just come from normal market channels, apart from referrals through a network of accountants and solicitors, we also receive continuing referrals from our network of overseas migration agents based in their respective countries like Malaysia and China. All our business brokers are multi-lingual, which is an added plus when presenting sales to this segment of buyers.