Business Selling Services

At Precision Business Agency, we will guide you each step of the way to prepare your business for the market. This includes:

Understanding your objectives
To understand why you want to sell, how motivated are you to sell, your market expectation if any, commitment on length of assistance period, preferred exit time frame, staff support after the sale.

Seller and agent co-ordination
Go through with you the process of selling, your role and our role.

Paperwork preparation
Financials and other paper work requirements you must have in place to achieve the best possible outcome for your business.

Business appraisal
To evaluate the worth of your business and advise you the price range that would be in line with current market expectations.

Due Diligence
The conduct of due diligence process on your business by the buyer and what you must have in place to facilitate the support of the price you seek.

Identification of markets
Identify the right types of potential buyers for your business and the marketing avenues available to maximize the exposure of your business to these targeted groups, as well as draw from sources outside of conventional channels.

Qualifying Buyers
Confidentially screen through and pre-qualify buyers to ensure they have the right attributes and financial capabilities to buy your business.

Negotiation of sale
Negotiate a successful sale price and other terms and conditions that represent the best possible outcome for the seller and buyer.

Final Settlement
Organise and coordinate all paperwork with accountants and solicitors for the contract of sale and final settlement.


Business Buying Services

If your interest is to buy a business we are available to act as your business advocate.

Our transaction experience
Our expertise and knowledge in the listing and selling of small to medium sized businesses gained over the years allows us to know what are the common and acceptable parameters on expensesrelating to cost of sales, wages, rent and profit marginsspecific to each industry. Through these experiences we are able to minimise your risk buying into the wrong business and also guide and advise you if the sale price is in line with market expectations.

Our negotiation experience
Our cumulative experiences in dealing with sellers and buyers, gives us an edge in understanding how they think and respond. This advantage, together with our market knowledge places us in the best position to negotiate and achieve the best possible outcome for you.

If you wish to engage us to find you a suitable business, please click here.